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1. Identify hidden waste and costs : If you check your last two years of your check book, do you think you could find some waste?  And are there hidden or natural spending patterns that don’t need to exist in your business?.

2. Identify and eliminate defects : In your business do you ever have to spend effort and money on FedEx sending things overnight that should not have to be FedEx-ed due mainly to your poor planning or some other related defect caused by your internal process?

3. Increase profit margins : How can you increase profit in your business?

There are typically two ways:
1) increase the price of the services or product you are selling, or
2) decrease the cost of goods/services. This means you either need a differentiator to increase your price or to decrease the cost of goods and services you must identify and fix the defects that raise your costs.

4. Increase customer satisfaction : For the small business owner, this benefit should probably be at the top of this list. After all, your main function is to make your customers happy and keep them wanting to do business with you. Companies exist for one purpose: to profitably serve customers. So it follows that any problem-solving initiative should help you do that.

5. Increase your employees’ satisfaction and level of commitment : Your people and you can enjoy solving a problem that costs you time and money. Employees feel like owners when they have the tools and are allowed to fix costly problems in the business. It provides a great sense of accomplishment for everyone.

6. Grow and expand your business : “Growth,” like any other problem, is a problem to solve. So what are the market factors to grow and expand? Is your business ignoring a distribution channel, or perhaps the Internet is not being used effectively. What are the
most important factors for growth? What is your growth objective for this year?  Ask new questions and then
systematically finding answers.

What Exactly Is Customer Satisfaction?
The customer is a person, not an organization, business, or corporation. Your customer is a human being with needs, wants, and problems, just like you.  Satisfaction is the extent of certainty a person has that his or her standards will be met by the product or service you provide. As certainty increases, the likelihood of satisfaction increases as well.

Customers have what are termed “critical-to-quality,” or CTQ, expectations.
The CTQ expectations are important to understand and help assure that you will satisfy your customers.

For example, what are the CTQs for a customer at McDonald’s?
1) Able to order quickly.
2) Take order courteously.
3) Order is correct and food is fresh.
4) Food is consistent with expectations for McDonald’s.

What are the CTQs for your customers?

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